Things to Plant
Things to Pick
In May the plots are really coming to life. Winter planted seedlings are starting to show and fruit trees and bushes will be blossoming. The work starts to begin in earnest now.

Jobs to Do

Keep on top of weeds
The new life in the allotment is not confined to what has been planted. The weeds will be thriving in the warmer weather alongside the crops. Weeding on sunnier days will mean the weeds dry out and die in the sun.

Protect against cold
Even though the weather is geting warmer the risk of frost is still present. It is wise to cover tender seedlings overnight with cloches, fleece or even newspaper.

Earth up potatoes
Build up the soil around potato shoots to keep the light from them.

Thin Seedlings
Increase the spacings between plants as the appear to make sure they have room to grow.

Pot on
Move any plants that have outgrown their first containers if they are not ready to be planted out.

Harden Off Seedlings
Young seedlings need to be acclimatised to the outdoor conditions before they can be planted outside. Move seed trays outside during the day and bring them in at night. If the seedlings are in cold frames or cloches, open the them during the day before closing them at night. The seedlings should only be planted out when the danger of frost has passed. In the North of England, this may never happen.

Things to Plant

Things to Harvest