Things to Plant
Things to Pick
Although things are dying back in October there is still plenty to do. The tidying up after the season continues but there will still be crops to harvest.

Jobs to Do

Tidy Up Your Beds
Anything that is no longer producing can be removed. It can all be added to the compost if there are no signs of disease. Remember to avoid composting any perennial weeds you dig out. Any woody stems from brassicas or fruit bushes should be shredded or pulverised before they are added.

Take down any bean poles, tomato canes etc. Make sure they're stored undercover otherwise they'll rot. Once the beds have been cleared they can be covered with polythene to keep weeds down and the worst of the rain off.

Deal with fruit
The last of the apples and pears are ready for picking. Make sure that only perfect fruit is stored. Anything damaged should be cooked or eaten straight away.
Summer raspberries and blackberries have all the old canes removed. Order any new fruit trees and bushes now so they arrive before November.

Look After Late Crops
The long stems of sprouts, cabbages and other over-winter brassicas should be earthed-up to support them in case they become top-heavy.
Pumpkins and squashes are ready for harvesting. Once cut, leave them in the sun to toughen the skins so they'll keep longer.
Root crops, particularly potatoes and beetroot, should be lifted now. Carrots, turnips and swede can be left in the ground longer although there is less risk of losing them if they are lifted and stored now. Celeriac and parsnips should be mulched to protect them as they will last longer still.