About us

There have been Allotments on the present site since 1930 although the present Society was only formed in 1988.

The allotment site is on Free Lane, so called because in the past the road was a toll free road unlike the main more direct road through the village.

Historically each plot holder on the site rented their individual plot on an annual basis from Rossendale Borough Council however in 2013 the Society applied to the Council for self management status.

This was granted and from April 1st, 2014 Free Lane Community Allotment Society has taken on a 25 year site lease and now manages the site on a self management arrangement

What “Self Management” means

The lower picture is the view from Tor End on the main through road with the allotment field in the near distance


A view from a farm field at Helmshore Memorial Park with horses grazing in the field, now the allotment site.

Free Lane Community Allotment Society
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