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What Self-Management Means

As a society of members, self-management provides a great opportunity for the plot holders to determine collectively how the site is organised and administered

Funds can be invested back into the allotment site and we can set our own priorities and determine how the allotment site can be developed over the years to come. Thiss enables decisions to be made by the plot holders themselves. These decisions can be made and action taken more quickly under self-management and issues can be addressed more promptly.

Having a steady and identifiable income allows the allotment society the opportunity to invest in the site in order to improve the facilities and services. It enables us to have planned maintenance prioritising work as necessary.

The security that a 25 year lease provides enables the Society to access grant funding for major projects which would not be available under our previous yearly rental arrangements.

With self-management we can manage the letting of plots to ensure that plots are vacated promptly when necessary and re-let quickly. We can intervene when plots are not being worked or provide support to plot holders when needed.

It provides us with an opportunity to invest in some basic equipment to help manage the site e.g. strimmers, pruning tools, fencing tools etc. which, after training in their use, holders will be able to use to keep up their own maintenance.

Self-Management also helps in giving the allotment site tenants a greater feeling of identity, and allows our members to come together more as a group with a common interest who will have a voice and be able to determine the future of the community.

In short, it means that everyone on the allotment site, instead of being individual tenants of the council, are now not only tenants of their plots but also members of the society and so have "ownership" of the allotment site.